Our goal is to produce joint projects between East and West and to distribute them to audiences around the world…

Our company, Make A Movie, operates under the basis of Canadian values of peace, democracy, and multiculturalism. Also, we aim to stretch the limits of filmmaking style, technique, and format, but most importantly to reach young adults and the youth with messages to teach about subjects such as the danger of terrorism, care for the environment, and the development of world peace. We just completed a feature film, Bewilderment, in which we deal with ISIS in a serious manner, and we enlighten the young generation. Our next movie in production is called Knumb Knuts, a comedy and action film about three teenagers who get involved with disrupting the operations of ISIS and demeaning the ideological vacuum of meaning in present day culture full of forgotten roots and powerful agenda.  Our company promotes peace between East and West.

The Islamic countries have tended to be consumers of world media, and the majority of the global population is, to be honest, younger people. To create the changes we wish to see in the world, we must inspire young people to become involved in many ways with media and production of meaning and intention. Then the changes will come. We wish to inspire more producers in the Middle East to share their own beautiful, interesting stories back with the broader global audience. We advocate for making partnerships between production teams, writers, actors, and youth to help build a more vibrant creative industry in the Middle East.

It seems unfair to many outside the West that the majority of perspectives and depictions of Muslim communities contain some kind of bias or lack of tolerance. For one powerful example, there is too much false representation of Muslims as radical terrorists. Adding to that, real stories of personal and particular cultural significance are simply not told, and mainly stereotypes about “billionaires, bombers, and belly dancers” are promoted in typical, uninformed media. Stories which are heartfelt and point toward the universal experience that all experience regardless of colour, creed, or faith is sadly lacking.

Here, we are committed to building a creative bridge between Islamic and Western culture.
We are inspired to use multimedia technology to produce spiritual and meaningful film productions.
We are hopeful for great sharing between Middle Eastern creators and Hollywood!

Bahram Heidari
CEO and Producer