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Bewilderment – The Story of Djinn

Synopsis: Shwan is a boxer who grows up with his best friend, David, also a boxer. One day, Shwan has an affair with a woman named Claire. Unknown to him, she is from the realm of the demonic djinn and his life takes a disastrous turn.

Bewilderment was shot in Vancouver with some footage from Iran. We filmed during the Winter of 2014 and Spring 0f 2015. The film has been edited and we are in the final stages of post-production.

We are approaching a Spring 2016 release!

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Upcoming Projects

Code Of Love

“Code of Love is a tale of the past, of mysteries, and of power in Iran. The main character, Daniel, is an American archaeologist looking for an important relic, and finding even more on the way.”

Upcoming Projects

Laleh (Drive)

Directed by Essy Niknejad. With Bahram Heidari acting as Arman the Mechanic. Laleh is a true story of a young woman in post-revolution Iran, struggling against all odds to break through in one of the most male dominated sports worldwide. All the while fighting a system bent on stopping her in a society ran by theocracy and decades of male dominance. She will face the biggest challenge of her life, not on the race track but on her path getting there; defying old tradition, family, religion and the Car Racing Federation of Iran. She risks everything for her right to race, and opens a pathway for millions to follow… “If you want to stop me, you have to catch me first .”

Upcoming Projects

Rumi The Movie

“World renowned poet, Rumi, comes to the big screen! Imagika Productions is pleased to announce the feature film production of ‘Rumi: The Movie.’ As the best selling poet in North america, the life story of this extraordinary man who lived 800 years ago, is set to become a blockbuster. The film takes us on a riveting journey through the life of Rumi and his mentor and spiritual guide, Shams (The Sun) of Tabriz. The first climactic even of the film is often retold, dramatic meeting of the two men, and Rumi’s immediate devotion.”


Executive producer: Malcolm Clarke

Producer: Scott Frank, Bahram Heidari

Director Geoff Browne

Script written by: Bahram Heidari